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Comparing her
With the other girl
Same face
Same taste

She's funny
And nice
The other one is cold
And fierce

They have the same voice
Same voice but different tones
Kind of similar
But will always differ

Once upon a time
This little girl was so nice
The other one is cold as ice
Suddenly, everything changed in a blink of an eye

She disappeared
Drifted away, faded
Left them behind
Left him behind

She left just before the spring came
She left just before the winter vanished
She left the night before
She left the night after a precious day

She left without saying a word
She left without saying goodbye
She left at midnight
Cold, but has a heart of fire

Snow, Snow
Please come out
Snow, Snow
Please stop hiding

Winter, Winter
Stop trying
Winter, Winter
You don't deserve him

Suddenly, Spring came
And everything changed
Everyone changed
Just like how the season changed

Let it snow, let it snow, let it sno- Wait
Was it still Snow I see?
Or Spring
Who creeps the hell out of me?

4 years had passed
But the feeling
It's always there
They won't just go away

Hey King
What would you choose?
Winter Wonderland
Or Let it Snow?
emeraldine087 Apr 2016
what is this before us
          --this sick and twisted thing
          where I'm in love with you
          but you're in love with him?

i just can't let it go,
          this feeling that I have;
          so I do something dumb
          and seek the one you love.

but as fate would have it,
          now he's in love with me;
          thus, we find ourselves here
          in this affair for three.
poem I wrote and will be using for an MCU fandom-inspired fanfic featuring the Steve-Bucky-Tony ship which I will be posting in installments over on Archive of Our Own.

**written in the same style as my modern poetry muse Lang Leav, whom I ADORE!!!!

— The End —