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Amanda 2d
In case I have not said it enough
I love you and need you to know
I'm always here for you brother
A fact I don't always show

Just give your sis a chance to improve
Try opening your critical mind
Instead of putting my problems on display
Like laundry strung on a clothesline

Two siblings turned out so different
Close in age yet still grew apart somehow
But realize we're not as different as we think
Comparing both lives then and now

Sometimes wish we'd see eye-to-eye
Walking down a separate road
Shadows darker than yours it seems
My company you've all but outgrown

I remember you'd pick on me
Because I was younger and smaller
You still bully me around these days
Only change is that I'm a bit taller

I am not the little girl you're used to
I often behave that way
When I get mad or frustrated
Emotions too large to convey

It is hard to say what I really mean
Words come out sounding insincere
If I loved you like I swear I do
Wouldn't even be standing here

Believe me when I say this much
You are my favorite brother by far
It doesn't matter that you're my only
Because I am so lucky you are

It must be special
The bond we share
Our hearts through distance connected
The hurtful comments hurled my way
Were concerns you misdirected

We were born
Bound by blood
Pact we unknowingly made at birth
If we both strive to excel and succeed
We can show everyone what we're worth

I will try harder
Text and call you
Make it a choice instead of a chore
Wish I didn't take family for granted
Because you definitely deserve more
To my older brother Michael
I did nothing wrong.
Why do I have the punishment?
Separated, outcast, cast aside.
Too inconvenient for acknowledgment.

Parties continue, pictures are taken.
I have been erased.
Wounded and broken, but instead of comfort:
"Why are you bleeding all over the place?"
Why must the victim pay for the crime?
E 4d
Is where the heart is
Or do they say
A blue door
Home is
Doy A 5d
I wasn't sure what my life was for until you came along and made me understand what it means to live fully and love unconditionally.

To my daughter,
I'll carry you
for as long as my arms could bear the weight of you
and your beauty
and your wonder
and your burdens
and your flaws
and your joys
and your tears

and I will be here
as your mother
and friend
and teacher
and confidante
and your safety
and your home.

I love you. I love you immensely.
I love you with the new life you gave me.
Amanda 5d
The years keep flying too fast
They are faster than hands can catch
Move as quick as I possibly can
For time I am no match
So many moments I cannot get back
Wasted youth's foolish haste
Now that I am older I'm realizing
Memories cannot be returned or replaced
From now on will cherish every second
Spent together happy or mad
Life is too short to be ungrateful
You're my one and only dad
Happy daddy day to the only dad I'll ever have
sitting here -

I’m sitting here with you

my mum is a candle amongst the dead
your daughter is all pain now

the high ceiling makes me calm
i don’t know what to think of God

your prayer is habit
i’m still learning how to walk
sitting here with you not knowing how to talk

your hands are beautiful but your eyes just lost a daughter
you show me your scars
you filled them with gold
you said it took 80 years but these new once
you’re going to be buried with

— children and parents, let’s grief.

you take my hand

- sitting beside you -

I’m sitting here beside you

you are a candle amongst the dead
your body for the first time freed

the high ceiling makes me calm
you believed that we all had a God

my prayer is getting better
still a long way to go
sitting beside you not knowing how to show

show the world your hands and the way you prayed
show them your scars
show the gold years in between
the bravery they  buried you with

— children and parents, let’s grief

I’ll stay
Curl up, my dear and rest your head on my heart
Cause that's your place and it will always be
I have already loved you from the very start
You're all I could ask for, this I can clearly see!
Wrap your hands around my shoulders
That's one way you can feel my love
It feels so soft, yet it can move boulders
About you, my love, I think the world of!
In sync our heartbeats drum
And the hug we share  sets adrift in sleep
I will stay still, even if I get all numb
So you can rest; my love - it is so deep!
The smell in your hair, giggles in my brain
Oh, I'm so blessed to have you in my arms
I'd give you all, even my very last grain
Or my life, to protect you from life's harms!
Family values, disintegrate with every sip you take,
With every lie, with every accusation you make,
You want me to die, so take me out,
Remove me from your lineage, I'll be free of doubt,
Growing up with no direction, no where to go,
So you drag me down deep, you drag me so low,
How can you love me and hate me the same,
You keep me around to have a place to project the blame,
An innocent child, grew up way too fast,
Always running from and fearing what's in my past,
I long for the day that I'm strong enough to forgive,
For that is the day I finally start to live.
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