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Moushmi Mehta Jan 2016
You don't question,
the ocean running into the shore
You don't wonder,
the way the sun burns in the sky

I don't question,
you not kissing me when you come back home anymore
I don't wonder,
why your eyes don't burn when I dress pretty

How did the ocean stop going back to the shore
How did I become just another object sitting in the house

We are breathing different air under the same **** roof
We are being different beings even after we vowed to be one

This is not comfort, no
This is a settlement without any negotiation having taken place.
Stop playing  me off each *other

Every time you both have
an *argument

Hate strife.
Get on with it *

Count me out
Of all your petty fallouts

Look am not getting involved.
*like it or lump it

— The End —