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What does excellence look like? I’m staring at it here today,
Being excellent isn’t just an act, but can be used in what we say,
It’s displayed in our ability to strive for merit in all we do,
It’s shown by pursuing our dreams until they do come true,
It’s not just about good grades, and being the star of the team,
Excellence is guided by our vision, to make our realities seen,
It’s well beyond what’s measured on our standard scale of feat,
Excellence is defined by our persistence even when we face defeat,
It’s shown by how we live our lives, and in the choices that we make,
Excellence is shown in our efforts, and in the risks that we take,
So stay focused on your task, and in everything you will do well,
Not just today, not just tomorrow, but every day you will excel!
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I am not micro soft
I have full access
to excel
as a publisher

My outlook
does not sway
I am a hot male
Let's interconnect

Paint a picture
from my visual studio
It's in the works
do you see my power point?

I have more than one drive
There are teams of forums
that share one note
inside my power shell

Time to connect
at the edge
I azure you

Lets groove to the music

KathleenAMaloney Dec 2015
Where to go and  See the Moon from the Highest Place?
Now, an Opportunity of Sight
A Window... Designed
to clear that which has Plagued me for Centuries...
Invasion of Tresspassing...

No Longer a Comedian for the Show
I do My own Witnessing from above.

Heaven on High, Strings Playing..
this Strategy belongs to GOD..
Written as a quartet of Good.

The Plan is made...
Opportunity of the senses to Excel and Love
Only now do I place my cards of Faith upon the Table
It is up to the WILL to execute..
Made for Heaven
I am on God's TEAM!!!   JOY!!!

Freed from a Harness Heavy upon the Soul
Named God's Playfulness!!
an Angel impressed within the Snow
Joys unexpected Gratitude!!    
Sparkling Wonder!!  for All Life!!

for Love Knows No Greater Boundary
Than a restriction, upon its own Goodness

Celebration Astronaut!
Heavenly Rose of Light Upon the Earth..
We leave tonight!! an Offering of Life

Carried by North's Way..
Heaven Sent Messenger...
Letter....Stamped, Posted, and Approved!!!
Celebration Starlight!!
Sleigh ride for an Astronaut!!

Viewing Station.. God's Wondrous Ring
of Light upon the  Earth

For who could See Heavens Light from any other Place?
This Glorious Symphony of Gratitude
Designed to see the World for its Blessing
LIFE crowned Beloved Caring...

Kindness of a Mothers Love..
Blessing of a Childs Heart.
preservationman Mar 2014
You are invited as our guest
This is saying welcome at our request
Examine the feeling of words from the ceiling to the hall
Notice how inspiration, understanding and persuasion stand tall
They are the concept within our introduction
A Poet’s creation being a seduction
Let’s explore follow me on the floor
Once we turn the corner we will be at the word sure
As we walk the halls, please notice poet’s faces
If you look closely you will see masterpiece traces
As a poet, it is the meaning with the rhyme
When you write poetry, please keep that in mine
Poetry Plaza built on poetry thoughts
You talked and we listened
Notice how the words begin and how they seem to gleam in
As we take the elevator down
We covered an array of poetry that was hanging around
Well thank you for taking the Poetry Plaza escorted tour
You now know what a poet writes for
I am just so glad you were able to explore
Continue to write in how you feel and turning your creativity in being for real.

— The End —