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Kelly Weaver Sep 2016
I'd rather drown a hundred times than let my heart go free
Because I can't hear your horrid voice at the bottom of the sea
And you've ruined every chance of love
So I pulled when I was supposed to shove

You don't know how it feels to love so blindly
All trust enveloped into another soul
Only to have them crush your hopes and dreams with one fatal blow  
Breaking down, slowly
I decay with the rest
A dusty box of your old shirts
I could barely bring myself to collect
But I'm the one crying myself dry
I'm the one fighting to keep myself alive
I didn't sleep, I couldn't eat,
Not a single soul could help me.
I can't trust others
I barely trust myself
So at the end of the day
It's me, myself, and nobody else.
Kelly Weaver Jul 2016
Thank you, ex-lover
For teaching me my true worth.
For showing that you cannot love
Based on a smile.
And thank you, *******
For teaching me to stick up for myself.
Because if it wasn't for your insults
I'd be defenseless.
Thank you, ex-lover
For cheating on me.
By doing so, you gave me a chance
To leave.
Thank you, ex-lover
For ruining me.
Because falling to the bottom only
Made me climb higher than I was.
And finally, ex-lover
Thank you for being so cruel
Now I know certain traits
To keep an eye out for and to avoid.
EM Feb 2016
Flowers and petals cover my pain.
The sound of your voice drives me insane.
You I won't miss.
As you ******* a kiss.
Go ahead throw my heart down the drain.
diamond youth Jan 2016
dear ex-boyfriend
did you feel euphoric when you ****** the life right out of me?
did you feel on top of the ******* world when you slipped something into my cup?
i'll tell you something dear ex-boyfriend, the pain inside of me that winds up and down and twists my intestines will forever bruise my heart
i'll tell you something my dear, dear ex-boyfriend
i'll never get it back, what god-given right did you have?
what god-given right did you have?
my body is my temple and you invaded and destroyed and corrupted it and i'll never get it back
tell me something ex-boyfriend, are you proud?
going through a pretty ****** breakup rn
Josian de Aqua Aug 2015
There is a dragon in my closet
He has dark brown eyes
Pale skin
A south Bronx accent
and an affinity for breathing fire

Some people have skeletons
I have a dragon who has lived off of my insecurities,
My pain
So he's nice and fat...

When I was alone
His shadow loomed underneath the closet door
I pretended to not see it
His footsteps made the whole house shake
But I pretended not to hear it

Now I lay in bed at night with the one I love
And can no longer ignore it
Time to be my own knight in shining armor
Open the closet door
and the slay the dragon

He may be a dragon
That burns up all that is in his path
But I am a phoenix
Who rises from his destruction to become even stronger than before.

                                                        ­ I'm going to kick his ***...
This was inspired by my recent finding of real happiness and it being shadowed by a past abusive relationship that I was a part of for 2 years. My abusive ex is the reflection of my own lack of self-love and worth. Before I can allow someone else to love me, I have to face my own demons of self-hate.
Madame Eleanor Oct 2014
I hate you.
Almost as much as I love you.
I've been fantasizing about stabbing you in the legs the way I used to fantasize about kissing your face.
I thought that I had one person I could always count on,
I just knew you'd never betray me.
Guess I was wrong.

You broke my heart,
I want to break your spine.
You make the worst ex ever, and now you're mine.

I want to hurt you the way you hurt me.
I want to stuff glass into your arteries.
I want you to stop saying you're sorry.
I want you to invent a time machine,
So this'll never've happened.
So neither of us will've learned this lesson.

"Darling you're the world to me"
"My love, you make me so happy"
What an idiot I was to believe these things.
Now you've got me writing slam poetry
Because I figure it's better than murdering you-
And that little ***** you ****** too.

You were drunk!
You felt alone,
You were confused,
And guess who was right there to comfort you?
That's no excuse.
I sure hope going down on someone new,
Was worth throwing that rare and beautiful thing we had away.
I never knew someone could hurt me this way.
Oh and by the way, I hate you.
I'm a bit peeved obviously. They do say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Remus May 2014
My mother warned me about love when I was younger.
She told me that true love comes when you're older.
I didn't believe her because I thought that I was in love.
I thought that he was the one and that he would always
love me.

Now here we are three years later and I don't know my
One moment he is this beautiful human being
And the next moment he's tearing me apart with his words.
He doesn't love me and I don't think I love him.
It's a battle between us, trying to be friends and then pushing
the other one away out of fear of falling again.

He doesn't know about the love letters that I write in my mind.
He'll never know about the countless texts I nearly sent him.
And I sure as hell know that he will never like me again
so why do I keep liking him?
Mishika Nambiar May 2014
Now you're gone
And you’re gone for good
So I’ll try not to miss you
But I’ll cry if I would

It’s been a year and half
And I’m still not over you
Even listening to songs
Reminds me of

You were so different
My right kind of wrong
Though you are a mess
It’s still you that I long

You never will be my perfect
But that's not *** I require
Because I accepted you for whom you are
A cheat, a kid, a lair

Everything around me
Somehow links up to you
This shatters me into pieces
An leaves my eyes with dew

Why do you have to go?
Why can’t you stay with me?
I can’t live without you
Why can’t you see?

I promise to give it all
Only give me a second try
Whatever you want will be done
This time I won’t make you cry

It’s still your call in the end
If you want to stay or want to go
But if you want me I’ll be there
I just want you to know

I can wait for you forever
I’ll be by your side when you need me
You got away by mistake
And so if you want to get back
I am and will always be ready
Taylor Apr 2014
everytime i see you with her i die a little more.

every lie comes rushing back, about how she was "just a friend" and you "didn't even think she was attractive."

i despise you both.
I thought she respected me and I thought you were honest.

— The End —