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Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I struggle to not unravel,
but this path I have walked has led me
through some troubling travels.
So I click "Add A Poem",
as I have done for years.
I pen down cleverly worded
accounts of my fears.
But as I walk this earth still,
I ponder.
How long I can avoid this
encroaching sonder.
For all of those orbiting my path.
I just want their sweet ignorance
of these evils to last.
For the greater good,
For happiness,
For love.
For the fact that if I save the world,
this is not what I want them
thinking of.
I will end the suspense here
For time has run out
On the clock telling me to face my fears,
Now I have no doubt.
I can tell you all:
I was *****.
And he got away.
And I have buried it deep
Until just today.
I noticed myself stuck in this pattern.
Of things that I thought didn't matter.
But I noticed how I had become him.
Creating the chances to do over
and over
and over again.
Things that weren't right
to myself within,
For me I call these actions, sin.
To explain in detail I wouldn't even know where to begin.
I compromised myself
to give others what I thought they wanted.
I became trapped inside my own devil
an angel haunted.
I have let myself and others take away
parts of me I will get back today.
I am sorry to myself,
and those around,
I am sorry because I hid all of this
feeling as though I let all of the universe down.

— The End —