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Andreas Peter Jan 2019
Campsite fire
Newly lit
Burn with reckless abandon
Heavy breaths, to a bonfires blaze
Logs kissed and caressed by fire
And ache for more
More to taste, more to fuel
Ever striving for brighter peaks
Can barely catch my breath
Faintly now, content embers burn
Pop and crackle like merry minds at ease
At peace
Always thought the bonfires blaze
To be unmatched
In warmth and comfort
Now though, I seem to find
Equal exaltation, in infernos of a different kind
Trusting in the ebb and flow
Searing bright to homely glow
As by embers unwavering life and heat
My hands find yours
And remain complete
Finding love in all its shapes - bonfires passion and embers steady gaze

— The End —