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Major Rity Feb 16
Tonight I die with you a little silent touch of letting go of life's ballast we do not profit from to keep just sleep my sweet my love quietly soothing inside a precious precious shine a glow like liquid gold warm like sun on earth and you in between so many touches and soothing words and beams of golden light warm so rich of everything we need now sleep and know you'll be you'll stay forever like the warming sun she flows through air and warms our hearts where you will be forever my eternal friend
Paw in Hand
It's alright to be scared
It's alright to feel sad
Even lonely, hopeless and bad
We wish for you to continue to breathe
To say goodbye in peace
At the moment you please
If you're lonely then know we are with you
If you're sad then be sure we remember your joy
It is hard to see your suffering
Let us be your pillow to find rest upon
We're here
We will carry you
Your pain
Your sadness
Your fear
Your life
My dear

— The End —