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Danielle L Cook Apr 2017

adjective: aesthetic;
adjective: esthetic

    concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
    "the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure"

    giving or designed to give pleasure through beauty; of pleasing appearance.
     "several aesthetic gardens radiate from the fountain in the square"

noun: aesthetic; plural noun: aesthetics;
noun: esthetic; plural noun: esthetics

    a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.
    *"the colorless aesthetic"
found I like using this word a lot, but I never took the time to confirm I was using it right -- I was, but I thought this would fit my aesthetics; google made me do it.
RW Dennen Sep 2014
I saw time stand still
in a fraction
of a second...peace

Saw it happen
as one touched another in affection...peace

Caught the essence
as Jesus
fed the multitude
and a mother's
her seed...peace

Yes, I saw time stand still
when the summer-moon rested
on a chimney top
and laughter ruled the night...peace

Felt temporal illusions
before a portrait
by Rembrandt,
the subject's
inner spiritual psyche
as inspired men
cast off their heavy macho ways
and hugged...peace

I saw time stand still,
as smiles
lit the darkness
and tears
washed away sins...peace, peace, peace

— The End —