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Rashid Nawaz Jun 2015
Near the end
It costs
Bitterness of soul that spits
The blood of love that flees
In the absence of you
All is a nightmare
Rashid Nawaz Jun 2015
My heart is soothing heat of fire.
And sitting near, latterly illiterate me.
Scattered you , among a thought
Half breaking, blinking silence
Mere pieces... Of me are you.
But Latterly passed a presence by me.
A Crazy fragrance of you
Rashid Nawaz Jun 2015
Sharp keen, like a line is me 
But in linen you circle behind, like wind 
Thin palms and those long fingers I wave towards you..
Oh mistress! Why do not you come near 
Next to me are your features !
Blended, bonded in the essence of love
And sharp eyes what mine gets?
Thirst of you, and that smile you pour from ******* of love 
Gather ye! Upon me madness, I flee 
That to read you like a poem 
But the dream was gone , I woke.

Rashid ~

— The End —