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i'm with her, but she talks of another
my heart crumples like a sheet of paper
page inked with words and feelings untold
becomes full of creases and fold
realising she's a gold i will never hold
im grateful to her for many things still
Riley Apr 2021
iufoje mi fartas ke la stratoj fakte promenas sur mi
mallumo neniam timis min
nek morteco

sed la noktoj longiĝos per pli cigaredoj
mi fumos, mi fumos, mi fumos ĝis mi ne plu eblas
kaj mi provos ne forpeli denove

kraĉaĵo punktas la trotuaron kiel DNA petanta helpon
ĝi ne troviĝos bedaŭrinde
vojeto da soleco

"iru kacen" al la bluaj flagoj
aprilo cedas al majo
kaj majo cedos al sunbruligoj kaj malgracia babilado

tamen, mi pretas por ĉio
Eʁʁoʁ May 2020
Your jurisdiction ends over my veil
You are nobody to rule on my zeal

This limited sovereignty is mine
Where I am free to cry or peal

Don't let your dubiety ask me
If I am leal to your creel.
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
I've always been fascinated
with the center
of gravity.
as if gravity was
a being
all tucked away
under my skin
and my waist
was its headquarters
like this being
just decides
to make me clumsy everyday
like this being makes me walk
in my funny little way
people like to call others
of gravity
but however
weird and awkward and clumsy
mine decides to be
ill forever be grateful
my center
of gravity
self absorbed, yes, but poetry is all about talking about problems and this is one of mine

— The End —