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Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Platinum framed mirroring you writing your song prose
Getting what’s mind, decreeing like in a new age western frontier
In this town with its millions of light lookin’ like star clusters
Fate says, my road’s lamps need reinventing, they don’t understand
But dareling with precise gold mine ears, please hear this call
Add more made-up brightness, enthralled, enthrall

Tell me I’ve the music to match a torch soul
Sunset sound, saying dream, stay up a little longer
Send me to your madly sought paradise
Flareling monied with cinemascope electricity, send me

Embarking as an ember fueled by nearing iconic fires
Not very long now til there’s light enough to read my prayer, this emblem
It goes, American paradise, novel sunshine
This is what I think of driving towards the brightest sky
Volume louder, like the progress through this score
Chose the teaching, try for the best reel, all play, dreams beget reality

Tropicana, records, street signs, finally shameless of my persistence
Fantastic, still on this road of escape thru golden seasons to noon Sunday
Looking up, thought it all strange but brilliant, even shooting stars have an end
So I don’t care

Sitting by the fountain, hearing it say one thing, it went live oh live
Stealing from the poet laurete’s treasured inspiration, and I don’t feel bad.
Wondering at the azure ripples, song verses shimmer like ‘em,

Long hair gleams, statuesque eyes, mysterious surprising only way to live
They said beware through tears, I say, it’s alright to be scared
Rather ask for paradise and rush there before the answer
Jacob Traver Oct 2015
Distract the heart with other emotions than that of
Distract the heart with excitement, with laughter, with joy.
Distract it with memories of being a little girl and boy.
Distract it with conversations of intellectual thought,
Though sometimes distract it with those that are not.
Keep it enthralled with the day's many moments.
Enthrall it with what options that day were not chosen.
If sadness does come, welcome it to see
How deeply I do care for thee.
My dearest friend, the only
Whom I write of,
My heart is now

— The End —