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Jose H Sep 2017
Oh the things you deserve
The endless red roses
The eternal kisses
The life of a queen you must have

For all that you deserve
I may not be able to supply
For it all may not exist
Not in the world we live in

Oh my Queen
You must know
No matter what lacks in the world
You will receive through your king

The endless roses
The eternal kisses
My faithful soul
If the day comes, my heart in whole
Shall be yours to keep.
Connor C Blake Jan 2016
We are blood.
Our veins run red and thick with oceans of each other,
Our hearts linked electrically with velvet wires.
We must not give in to boiling, frivolous waves.
Even if the pages of old will only remember our fervent hate,
our imagined slights, our harrowing pain.
We must not give in to it.
We can still stifle the scarlet seas inside our veins.
Because even now, I still believe in anchors.
We are blood.
And for every ounce that spills violently,
There's hundreds we willingly give away.
We choose to give ourselves to one another.
Until we remember there is no "other"
Only imaginary lines confusing our sense of touch.
These crimson tides connect us all.
It is here that we cannot die.
Only move.
And should I move into you,
Well, that'd be okay too.
Shocking each other awake again,
with copper wire uncut.
We are blood.
Seperation by space, time, race, gender, class, language, it's all an illusion. We are blood.

— The End —