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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Her laugh is infectious
and her words are precious
for they draw a constellation line
from one heart to another.

Her heart beat resonates with mine
creating a beautiful orchestra together.

Her touch sends an electrical impulse
down my spine;
an electrical connection,
connecting us forever.

She is the one who’s heart holds mine,
ear who guards all my secret
and presence my comfortability finds a way to.

She is the moon to my dark sky
and the ocean my heart yearns for.

She is all what I want and all I need.
Zachary G Feb 2019
I can’t describe you. The words won’t do you justice. I tried many different times nothing can describe the emotions I feel when I’m talking to you.
All the tags go with “?”
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
From the life on earth we draw a current.
Electrical energy can pass right through us.
From opposing points we are bearing the weight.
Also from opposing sides we hate.
All we know comes from the current inside every living thing.
If we are damaged in some way do you know what hate that would bring?
All the seasons brought from different stances of the earth.
We should all appreciate every little nuance from birth.
How some things are treated is no laughing matter.
In fact what is matter but a fabric in time that does not seem significant enough to cater.
If we pay attention to all the earth current’s we have a better understanding.
We will have no more sorrow, grief, or misunderstanding.
We can save ourselves if you lend me your attention.
From the earth and water we have grown with no apprehension.
Although somehow we have let that slip through the cracks.
Now we must bear the weight of the world on our backs.
We all must stand together to save our home.
Without it we have no hope.
If we find another place, a distant world.
That would be great, but the same rules would soon unfurl.
So, we must understand what has made us on the inside to understand how to save the earth.
I hope I am not the only one whatever it is worth.
Electrical currents and other currents of the earth must be understood.
This is just me saying what I feel is right if you would.
Passing through time for anyone should set them at ease.
Just be on point and life is a breeze.

— The End —