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Amanda Shelton Nov 2017
I once was able to run
nine miles a day,
now all those miles
seem so far away.

I am like a tree,
I am rooted where I stand
I am twisted up in unforgiving knots.

I know you think you understand,
but the truth is you don't
because you can move
and use your hands.

I am stuck twisted and contorted
in ways you could never understand.

My back is bent and rusted,
my knees creak and pop,
like an old car,
but I ran out of oil for my joints
now there stuck in odd positions.
You can only imagine.

I hurt, my pain burns to the bone,
grinding ******* my every move.

I can't move like you,
I twitch and ****,
I shake and stutter,
my mind is full of painful clutter.

Dystonia since 1981,
I was born with a twitch, ****,
and a stuttering switch with every move I make.
My nickname is Mizztwitch.*

*© 2017 By Amanda Shelton
Dystonia is a rare movement disorder. It causes odd movements and positions. It can cause your body to contort in painful ways. Like my feet they want to turn in and upward. My hands and feet cramp so do my arms and legs. I have been taken to the hospital many times before because of Dystonia. It's unpredictable and doctor's freak out if they have never seen a patient who suffers from it. I think anyone who has a heart would. I have had nurses break down crying because they couldn't take away my pain. I am a very strong person because I have to be to live through everything I have.

— The End —