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Assumption begot,
     that cumulative generations
     bred tiredness weariness zap
ping ability to remain awake,

     nope even enough energy
     to feign opening maw mouth
     evincing a yap,
and if equipped

     with smartphone app viz whatsapp
would shear lee ask ewe
     if Androids dream of electric sheep,
     but limited options,

     asper talking via two lipped gap
reduce modes to communicate
     keeping shut tight denture
     "FAKE" toothed trap

affixed to gums by (James) bonding agent
     necessitating manual finagling -
     careful NOT to snap
dentures, thus

     leaving garbled speaking
     where gum shunned rattletrap
disallowing articulation,
     enunciation and pronunciation,

     making worthy words
     sound like discombobulated pap
hoping to convey tiredness affliction,
     sans this poe whim, whereby i map

imagining yielding curling (catlike)
    upon ample sized maternal lap
whether gentile,
     or Jewish princess i.e. ***

pan knees, which above
     quasi Semitic iteration hap
puns tubby what occurred to me
     for no particular rhyme or reason

     hoping ya ponied mental effort
     to breeze thru my sad dulled verse
     with neigh saying horsesense to giddyap
whereupon woebegone

     sleepiness could perk me up -
     if ye could purchase far me a large frap
pa chin oh otherwise
     fate twill point this chap
to Google search how to buck up vitality
     vis a visa deer lee sought app.
Yup, you red correctly,
     this noggin must go
     perhaps donated
     to the Salvation Army, or Good Will
cuz, said atrophied cranial
     horridly styled comfortably numb skull,
     the source of immeasurable

     beg hot ten woe, from dawn to dusk
     nothing boot eve ville
hollow cavity mainly comprised
     of wooly webbed weaving waste,
     uber sawdust, sans Schuylkill
     River effluvium and runoff rotten rill
hence, e'en a think tank

     designated as Abby Normal
     formerly atop a body named Phil
lip, or Wright winged Orville
one half brotherly duo,

     the other sibling Wilbur,
     whom both made a mill
yen legends getting airborne their lil
mechanical contraption

     atop Kitty Hawk,
     North Carolina with bi sic ****
mechanical aptitude,
     when born aloft **** Devil Hill

synonymous making fin hushed
     blue prints emulating
     flying fish, whose grill
like cartilage backbone

     precursor to Evil
Knievel, who soared
     on his motorcycle a devil
lush daring stuntman,

     whose helmeted crown
     full pursestrings muted cavil
ling critics with legitimate enterprise
     earning gobs of legal tender,

     whence aye aver
     his mugshot ought to appear
     on common denomination bill
and/or honoring throughout
     the entire month of April.
this alteh kocker nostalgically reflects
     being ma late mama's boytchik
(now, she long since deceased,
     whose cremated remains of day

     scattered to all points on compass)
     fondly referencing
     both sisters as dabchick
incongruously sprinkled her Brooklyn brogue,
especially when angry, she quickly segued

     from mild expletive fiddlestick
the latter playfully aired,
     when kibitzing wit bubeleh
reminiscing being dirt poor,

     nonetheless zee mother
     every now an again homesick
regaling the whole mishpokhe
     (meaning us brood of kids)

interrupting herself
     with frequent non sequiturs
     discombobulated anecdotes switching subjects
     as if external forcefield

     jimmying a joystick
interleaving disparate threads with subsequent
     tangential linkedin snippets
     with feigned lovesick

chatting 'bout cockamamie
     "Grandpa Moishe"
     and his chaim yankel posse
     (to escape hen pecking nudnik
"grandma Rebecca"),
     a trenchant termagent bubba,

     not averse to incorporate dreck
     in the same sentence with zayda
     ostracized him
     scoring figurative placekick,

whence upon his schlepping back home
     met with "silent treatment" dampening rollick
king atmosphere choking tearfully
     "mother" recounted

     farblunget anger thick
lee palpable extremely discomfiting,
     particularly when ("mom's")
     girlhood friends bore witness aye gavalt,

     where penury churned moribund thoughts
viz empty cupboards
     devoid of bare necessities
     a figurative apropos yardstick.

— The End —