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preservationman Mar 2014
We will journey without a pause
You heard the term every reason for every cause
Let’s go into the anthology
In the small town of Soundville, Georgia
A place with echoing mountains all around
It also makes your ear feeling like its bound
Soundville may sound like nothing much
Try telling that to the citizens being a bunch
The town is about togetherness and being proud of their town
Be quiet for a moment and listen to that sound
All voices talking and and music all around
Soundville has been around for centuries, and more than a town around the bend
It’s their history from then
It’s the everyday wonder in thinking on when
Mining was Soundville’s biggest import
Football was the town’s biggest sport
The citizens think of their town like a resort
They captivate their town with the “Sound Of Music”
It’s the tune and harmony the citizens bring
It’s being together being the thing
Soundville being a reality novel with truth from within
Soundville being a country town where it all begin.

— The End —