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Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Shakespeare, I wonder, you're often quoted to have said is the truth:
"I always feel happy
Because I don't expect anything from anyone
Expectations always hurt"
I doubt and doubt
It's hopes on which we live
Tomorrow would be better
We always think
Without expectations
There is no hope
In dejection you live
Great man like you
Couldn't have lived in dejection
I believe
Minimum expectations
We all have
From God and the world
You would have certainly
Expected sky to rain
Fields to grow vegetables and grains
People to live in harmony and peace
Your body to be fit and fine
Mind alert and sound
Peaceful death
You must have expected
We are social animals
Dependent on each other
We can't do everything for us
Expect others to do many things
For our survival and welfare
Expectations always do not hurt
Some expectations in life do get fulfilled
Sometimes bringing enormous joy
No expectations attitude can't keep us always happy
For happiness essential expectations must be fulfilled
We must act to enforce such expectations
I believe, in expectations
We must live
What we expect from others
We must always make explicit
Without this, it's my experience
People dutifully and responsibly fail to act
Our expectations shouldn't be in arrogation
People must not act in derogation of duties, responsibilities
Shakespeare, I am a small fry
Your greatness worldwide recognised
It's just akin showing candle to the Sun
People may have you misunderstood
For any presumptuousness, please forgive
I do believe
Expectations are inherent in us
In hope we live
Shakespeare and for that matter many great men are often misquoted misleading generations.
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2015
Slight words and mumbles
Mount, quiet walks together,
Arriving places unwelcomed,
Cooking for one in a kitchen
Together, over filling glasses
Of wine and wordless smiles,
Leftover stories, stale company
Endless invites for new friends,
Road trips without bend, song,
The black comedy of dull, plain,
Platitudinous days.
Sourodeep May 2015
I had a dream
on the road, I saw people scream
there was a little boy
sitting by the side, I saw him cry.

While everyone around was insane
like a good citizen, first I asked him his name
" I am Praful, take me to my mother"
with no idea whatsoever, I took the boy and set out for the quest

I felt I am in the matrix movie
dodging fire,stones and flying bottles, no better than a rookie
for me this was a new part of the town
and I had no idea where to go around

Relying on this boy for navigation
like he had any clue, my stupid imagination
I kept looking for a police van
but in vain, saw only angry howling men

suddenly, we heard a shriek
"Praful !! where have you been ?? "
that was the mother, and instantly the boy ran to her
and I thought its end of this bother.

holding the boy she came towards me with fury
"you rascal, trying to kidnap my son? "
the boy didn't try to explain
to him, in a moment, I became a strange someone

Helpless in this situation I ran,
again, for the police van
luckily, I found an officer
"Sir ! take me home, i don't know these roads"
"Son ! sit in my car, while I tackle these jumping, screaming toads!"
I ducked at the rear seat tensed
for I could see the mother looking for revenge

I got up, sat on the bed, what a nightmare I had
asked God, " I was just trying to help, was that bad?"
We are concerned people, sometimes in wrong place at wrong time
we try to make things right, unfortunately we don't succeed every time

— The End —