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You must be a rogue,
because you stole my heart.
Nat. 20 on sleight of hand,
and it’s tearing me apart.
You must be a sorcerer,
because I’m under your spell.
You’re not even trying,
yet you cast it so well.
You must be a cleric,
because you heal me.
I was unconscious,
now I’m at max HP.
You must be a bard,
because I’m lured in by your song.
You must be casting a buff spell,
because being near you makes me strong.
You must be multiclassing,
and have advantage every time,
because you’re good at everything,
and you’re why I wrote this rhyme.
For all my D&D nerds out there, spread the love!
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
Bits and Bobbles
Gizmos and trinkets
Testtubes with creatures
Coming to life with my skill.

Magic and Science
My domains to command
Creating life, Cheating death
Manipulating the very fabric of the Universe.

Dark swirling matter and energy
Bending to my will.
Every thread and wave,
All under my understanding
Yet I pleadge these powers
To the man I love with all my heart.
About a mad scientist d&d; character I had who also used science. Part of her back story. Originally written on January 8th 2015

— The End —