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Lauren R Apr 2016
O child of golden thread, sunshine, mothers mistake, I cannot imagine what you felt that night. I might just throw up on your behalf, half of me is feeling just golden and the other is cigarette sick, warm *** breath on my neck, exhale out and inhale in, let this nightmare begin, so help me God pull me out from under the bed or I'll hit my head on every board until I'm nothing but a bruised and limp body, I won't have a name.

Let's play the waiting game. We are waiting until one of you says it, "You win. Can I leave now?" I play this a lot too, were not so different you know? You and her and me and him.

**** him and his warm forearms, I'm watching us on screen like a movie, it's a tragedy, the way he flays those forearms open on screen, just shut up! All your good lines have been cut, cut, cut. But I love you, oh god I love you like the moon kisses waves and the sun leaves it's imprint so permanent it goes into some people's blood and they die. Do you have the sun in your blood? Do you have too much sun in your blood? Is that why you let it out? I can feel hot cancer bubbling in the trenches of  your arteries when I feel your pulse and I hope you can bear radiation because I'm not letting go without saving your wavering life.

But I digress. This mess doesn't belong to me. I forget who's blood I'm wearing. This tearing of flesh comes in puffs and in dull knives. I don't recognize the pain until it is dripping on your floor, half past four I am freezing, you are wheezing out cannabis, and he, he is alone in a basement, rope burn pending. God is sending me his best wishes and Mother Nature is sending me her doves' kisses but I am only speaking in a foreign tongue, "Let me go home," I scream, "Let me go- home."

But O child of discomfort and discontent, I don't know which of you I am speaking to. I can't ignore your eyes. I can smell it on your breath, that lonely sadness. That tongue in cheek, 10 cents sadness. Don't quit breathing, just quit breathing in the wrong things.

I can swear, when morning comes, you'll wash off all your skin and grow something a little softer.
A poem about healing and how messy it is
Lauren R Apr 2016
I pick apart your bones

just to see if there's any flesh left.

I'm looking for the last of your cologne.

I am looking through your clothes, trying to find one strand of your thread-bare hair.
(Was it ash blonde or ***** blonde? I swear it was more ashy.)

I don't know where I lost you, where I left you, maybe it was in the soft cradle of my bed as you waited for me to turn over the record.

I don't know. I don't know what the curves of the bird bones in your hands look like anymore, and I can say the same about the size of your eyes, watching me always.

But I can tell you I miss you, I miss your head resting on my shoulder. You're so much taller than me, and I can feel myself lowering what I had felt into the ground, and I swear, if you weren't so high, you would have noticed.

(Everyone I love falls asleep.)
I had a friend, and then I had a ******
SøułSurvivør Apr 2015
... the host waylaid!

I knew a woman on the street
Terrified and weary.
She had no place to go
Her prospects were dreary...

I took her in my home,
First checking with my folks.
She had a desire to help me
I knew this was no hoax...

But she had a brother
And his common-law wife
I was talked into helping THEM
The decision caused much strife...

They parked their car behind our house - and they slept inside it
I would have done more
But my folks decide it...

They never stole a thing
He helped in the garden
The ladies helped inside
It was a good bargin...

Until I found the couple
Had a penchant for SPICE.
A designer drug
Its effects far from nice...

I was put out totally
And asked them all to LEAVE
But I've been friends with the sister
And so my spirit grieves!

The lady I had helped out at first
Uses no drugs nor drinks
I have to decide...
... I ask you what you think.

Should i take her BACK?
Allow her to stay?
I'm not sure what to do...

... and continue to PRAY!!!

Sorry I've been gome so long. As you can imagine my plate has been FULL!

I think Melody should be allowed to stay. She has a severe heart condition and a brain disorder. She also has a broken wrist. She also has a small dog which precludes her from many shelters...

... what do you think?

— The End —