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Akira Chinen Mar 2017
Broken pieces of the moon scattered across the indigo dreams of the dead and the sky swallowed all the lost colors of love spilling out of the void left behind from where the crescent smile of the night once sang the lullaby that comforted the desperate prayers of the lonely and what salacious fiend would **** the guardian of the dark hours and leave the man without his home in the night and all the stars could do was weep as they watched indigo dreams pull every last broken piece of the moon into their rotting teeth of death and the forever of malicious lost midnights
Akira Chinen Mar 2017
I am a brother to the endless and a curator of time I am the penny and the wish and the water and the well and I always have a bakers dozen that I will trade for a dime and I've spared the life of a fish or two and mended the wings on the backs and the hearts of all fairies and I've argued with fate and I've lost and I've won and I was there before god and the devil laid out the blue prints of heaven and hell and I sold them the parchment and ink and the quils and the names that they signed on a contract that gave birth to them both and I gave one of them clouds and the other one fire and then slipped back to the echos of silence  in the wake of the first dream and their in the dark before blood and time had rhythm or flow I watched dreams weave dream after dream and each was connected to the thread of the first stitch that made the first flower of love and that is the same thread that connects us all to the sands and the winds and the dream that is love
Akira Chinen Mar 2017
She was lost to the sad music fumbling weakly from the broken song box he placed in her heart and he was drowning in the sea of sorrows where within its pounding waves of fury he found her beautiful corpse and they lived on the inside of mirrors on the opposite side of loves dream and neither their palms or their lips could touch without filling with countless splinters of glass and the taste of salt and blood and lust locked their every kiss to clear views of eternity and a sharp pain cut through the skin and bone and soul as their hands embraced and fingers tangled but the thought of letting go was far more agonizing for either to bare and they both tied an anchor of melancholy hope to their ankles and peacefully sank through the misery and darkness of the world outside of their mirrors and smiled mad smiles at one another as their anchors tangled and came to rest at the bottom of Oceans End  and watched their lips bleed and drip and spell the others name and they were lost and found in the place they would never come together and never be apart from opposite sides of the same dream
Akira Chinen Mar 2017
She lives on the other side of dreams spending most of her time sitting on the bottom side of rainbows and every night locks of her hair paint each star in the sky and she always carries food for lost caterpillars and hummingbirds and knows the secret language of honey bees and butterflies and her favorite color is only known to the first leaf of the first branch of a tree older than time and life and she only ever shares it with those who know the truth and magic of love and if you ever get lost between dreaming and Oceans End all you have to do is close your eyes and reach out into the dark and she will pull you to the other side and dream you a pair of wings and some food and teach you how to speak to the bees and a butterfly will give you directions to not necessarily home but to the place your heart needs to go
Akira Chinen Mar 2017
She wove life from the threads and fate of dreams and she was and wasn't a dream herself
She had filled the first hourglass with the sand of the desserts of the time before and upon flipping it over set the hands and gears of the first clock in motion
There is no secret buried in the endless depths of the ocean she doesn't know and she was the one that had arranged and named every twinkling orb in the night sky
Using nothing but a small kiss and a sprinkle of magic from the colors of her eyes she brought dead starfish back to life and taught them to dance in the palms of her hands
And when she wasn't choreographing new ballets for the fish in her hands and the stars in the sky
She was collecting lost dreams and broken hearts and suturing the cracks closed and finding them new roads to follow and teaching laughter to the tears they had shed
And if you are every lost between always and heartache if you follow the roads and the sky of the starfish ballet you will find her sitting and waiting to weave you a new day and a new dream and a new fate under the street sign that reads
Oceans End
Akira Chinen Nov 2016
I am from the blue sky threads of heaven and the black iron flames of hell
I  am innocence bathed in sin
I  am hatred betrayed
and killed by kindness
I  walk the hard concrete of sidewalks
lost along the roads
of tragedy and romance
I  am ghost and soul and body
inside  the hollow shell of an empty heart
searching  for the echo of a memory of a song that was forgotten
before it was ever sang
I am time frozen and crumbled and wasted
and trapped in hours of broken glass and freed by howling winds
and raging seas
where seconds expand past eternity
and minutes outweigh the value
of hours and days and weeks and years  
I am infant and small and  weak
I am old and aged and frail
I am woman and man and devil and god
and strong and wise and wicked and worn
I am dream and truth
I am death and illusion
I  begin at the end
and end at forevers first
I am flesh and blood and time
I am love
Akira Chinen Aug 2016
I often think of love and death
For they often seem the same
One cannot exist without the other
It is the end of suffering
That we find in the kindness
In the lips of their kiss
There is both the thrill and fear of the unknown
When we feel the approach of either one
Too often fear has the stronger pull
For even the excitement of the thrill can terrify us
We run from love we could embrace
For fears of its validity its vitality its inevitable end
The pain and suffering we see in its wake
We use our past failures and misconceptions of love
To judge and misdirect our current and future interactions with love
It is hard to belive that love is immortal
When we belive ourselves to be not
To live in fear of death
Only robs us of moments
We could better spend in the pursuit and hands of love
We cannot escape death
We cannot out run its grasp
We cannot avoid its breath
We cannot hide behind locked doors from it
Yet we often fear it as if fear will shield us from its inevitable kiss
And once again in spending time with fear
We are only losing moments we could better enjoy in the pursuit of life
It is in this pursuit of life we should find freedom from fear
That death is not a thief of immortality
And that we find ourselves immortal when we embrace love
Akira Chinen Jul 2016
What if the sun was a fish of golden flame
What then would the moon reflect
Would the earth be a bubble
Would space be a sea
What would become of
All this human misery
If the sun was a fish
With fins of fire
Swimming here and there
Going wherever it did please
Would the moon be a minnow
Forever bound to follow
Would the earth be a dream
Would god be the water
Would the devil be the worm
Would love be free to swim
Without fear of aches and pains
Without mans clumsy hands
To break the heart
Of the sun swimming
With golden fins ablaze
Anywhere and everywhere
And never ever
Would love be
Touched by our
Human misery
Akira Chinen Jul 2016
I am a disciple of love
And I've visted the
Ignorant temples of hate
I've walked down the road
and back again
I've argued and won and lost
battles with fate
I've sat by the devil
with his face full of tears
I've swam and I've drowned
In the salt and the lust
hidden within
I've lost the poetry of this god
and that god and found
The meaning of dreams
in the void on the page
I've choreographed the unwritten
time and space
between the heart beats of love
I've placed leaps and pirouettes
on its pulse and its flow
I'm stuck in the moment between
infancy and death
I struggle to understand the hatred
breeded by man
When in reach of every breath
Is the definition of compassion and kindness
And all they want to breathe in
Is their loathing and fear
When you are ready to
set your mind free
Just look to the stars and the sun
and the moon
Akira Chinen Jul 2016
Were you there to see the dream birds
As they carried the sun and moon
and stars
Up into the sky
when Lilith was just
a girl named Lilly
Did you witness when she
pulled them straight
out of her dreams
As she walked through
the wordless stories
written in the sand
Who was there to watch
before the beginning
of it all
Back in the time before
in the time after
When love gave its final
breath and hope
To dream of a girl
who would dream
us all to life
To weave and dream
against the void
And give life and breath
back to love

— The End —