M Norris Jul 2017
Labour all day to make another man's dime.

I find myself on the wrong side o' this paradigm.

Turn on the television, distract me from my career.

There's a newsman speaking, I'm sorry I didn't hear.

There's a politician speaking, I'm sorry, it's not very clear.

There's an army of robots marching, excuse me while I blankly stare.

let me lose my mind to the screen.

jingle your keys before me.

I am bereft  of independent thought,

what our ancestors predicted this was not.

For those on top, this is what they want,

an army of robots bereft of thought.
Because the drudgery of life can be a festival of mediocraty
butterfly May 2017
i wonder what this dream has to say
a cluster of orchidaceae blooms
out from the right side of my chest
crawls up clasping my breast
to the base of my sternum
decorating my bosom

i wonder what this dream has to say  
a lil gecko flashes my very eyes
creeps in the right sole of my foot
then i slit open my sole
he's pleased to see it crawls away

i wonder what this dream has to say
A centipede slinks out from somewhere
i smash it to death without regret
and a relief to see it's dead!

i wonder what these dreams have to say
do they say something to you?
they may not be digestible  
but I love to take a bite of your mind!
echoes from the heart

— The End —