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Free soul is dancing
It searched for that moment
When it gets free and light
When it could fly up
And hear the sound
Coming from clear and bright

The body has to be fastened
At the long month period
From sun rising till sun downing
There is no water or food giving
At this accurate period

The souls released from burden
Circling at holy dancing
Showing how it becomes lighter
And gets sister with angel

IT mentions its God every moment
IT thanks him for his fares
And thinks and blames her waste
Time that was lost

She gets up early
Eating and drinking before sun rising
Praying in holy praying
No lying, cheating and looking
For forbidden look

Honest with others and yours
To be as angels flying overlook
the fast month comes every year to clear the self and decrease its burdens. the benefits of fast becomes so obvious and becomes clear for every one

— The End —