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Makenzie Marie Feb 2019
When you whisper to me
The word “forever,”
My heart melts
And still races, somehow—
And I agree,
Forever sounds perfect to me.
False prophets, you dig our graves with sinister divinations,
Bestow unrepentant indignation, and neglect to hide your shallowness.
Cast condescending shadows from high upon your sanctimonious mount, but
We wear our pride; our faith and love, our shrouds, and we will not be buried in the night.
Oh, I say woe unto them that call evil good and substitute darkness for light.
Oh, weary we may be, but forsaken we are not. Tread lightly when with lust and greed you choose to cast your lots.
Written for First Baptist Church of Worcester Poetry Fest Challenge 1: Acrostic – FBCWOO.
Shruti Atri Apr 2015
We live in this world
And wake, walk, talk and take of it.
We gamble our survival by living here
And breathe and drink and eat and sleep in its shelter.
We seek ourselves and meet each other;
At other times, we thirst and hunger for a part of another's life.
We lust and crave and take pride in ourselves
While we look around for all that isn't ours.
We grab and we ******,
We demolish and destroy,
And forsake this world that sustains us.
We forgo our debts and shrug responsibility,
By walking away from what we have caused.
We leave nought but destruction in our wake
No matter where we go...


We are humans who can think.
We are beings with an intellect.
We are capable of communicating with one another...
And yet,
*We wear a mask we never take off...

— The End —