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Arshu May 2020
I'm alone in this world without you
I swear that my heart doesn't want anyone else but you
My soul is coming out of me silently
Please don't go please don't go
Please don't
Ple .....
Please don't go....
You crawled from out of my heart to my head.
From where I wanted to keep you instead.
I should have known once you entered my bed,
Dreams I have of you would need to be fed.

My heart would hold you but then you burst out,
Reminding me what mem’ries are about.
I was a fool to have had any doubt,
That the seed you planted in me would sprout.

My love was too much for my heart to bear,
I could not ignore it and keep it there.
Since you came around it hasn’t been fair.
My stale lungs need to breathe love in the air.

Between my heart and mind you shall dwell,
And when you’re near me then all will be well.
While our story has still chapters to tell,
Without you my heart’s just an empty shell.
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Pure of Stars Aug 2018
please don’t give up on me
don’t leave me here to die
with all these words inside my head
my soul will surely drown
but please don’t leave me here tonight
for if you give up on me
i’ll have no reason to move on in life
and death will surely be
it’s kinda strange how i find my very soul depending on a person. and suddenly i’m terrified that’ll they give up on me, like everyone else does. Like i did.
I know you can't talk to me because you're busy
Packing all your things into your boxes.
I have to know, though,
Are you packing us
And the memories we shared too?
Are you trying to forget them-
To restart completely?
I can feel you putting me in a tight box,
Taping it up,
Never to open again.
I know you want me to ship me off
Just like everything unwanted you ever had.
No wonder there's so much space between us.
Because you left me in a box, sent me away, without I even realizing it.
I guess I was too much to carry along with you.
It was best
To box me up.
Colleen Mary Oct 2015
it rained the next three days after
the dreadful words fell from your mouth.

really wasn't up for the talk, yet you
proceeded anyway and there it was
out of nowhere that feeling I hadn't missed.

suddenly as I sat in your passenger seat where I sat just the day before
perfectly content, your words stabbed my heart.

you said you liked me so much it hurt
however you needed time to work on yourself. to me all I heard was the slamming of another door, and the noise killed.

they say when one door closes another will surely open soon.
I don't want any other door to open unless you're standing behind it.

you promised this isn't a goodbye
instead a see ya later. problem is
there's no guarantee of that. I'm
scared to death of holding onto nothing all over again.

in the mean time, the leaves will continue to fall, lovers will continue to love, and I'll stay here dazed counting the days on my fingers and toes & then all over again since I last felt at home when my lips were on yours.

please don't leave me.
Guys, I have just about the worst relationship luck. Being on a break versus breaking up for good is a confusing decision to make. Hoping for the best.
It wasn't you I wanted beside me,
It wasn't anyone in particular.
It wasn't anyone at all
It was the feeling of love,
Of being loved and taken care of.
This feeling is what I wanted,
To pin down and fall asleep
With its legs slung across me.
This longing has become need,
The need to feel any form of love
In ****** comfort and this security.
The need makes me stupid.
You're still breathing
But I can't sleep
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
Let me hold you
And rock you to sleep
With lullabies laced with Novocaine
Rest in peace
Rest in peace
I promise I'll be here in the morning
Will you?
Say you will
*Say you will
The Suicide Diaries
Revenant Jul 2014
I never tell you when I'm crying
I never tell you "please don't leave me"
I never tell you how empty I feel
I never tell you about the pounding in my head, or about the overwhelming urge to talley my sleepless hours into my skin
I never tell you about the broken vessels in my eyes from the times I weep so hard I ***** up your absence I so carefully choked down
I never tell you how I wish you would give me flowers..they don't have to be fancy..
I never tell you what a fool I am
I never tell you about how selfish I really am
I never tell you about how badly I want you here; about how lost I am without you
I never tell you about how badly I want to dance with you
I never tell you how I wish you would tell me I'm beautiful every chance you get
I never tell you how when I see you disconnect, I cry and cry and cry
I never tell you how I bet you're fine without me
I never tell you how I want to spend the best years of my life with you
I never tell you how lonely I am
I never tell you
I never tell you
I never tell you
I never
This isn't a poem, and I'm sorry for that.
I'm having some difficulty coping with distance, and well, here we are..
Erin Hankemeier Apr 2014
You're My World
My Heart
My Soul...
... Don't Ever Leave...
The first seven words come from the song "How Do I Live" By Leann Rimes. This 10W is very powerful, and what everybody wants at least once in their lifetime.

— The End —