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Àŧùl Jul 2017
This earth is actually 1 nation,
It is 1 complex society.
My compatriots,
They don't desist from being real *****.
My countrymen,
They spit phlegm on any public road.
My landsmen,
They bias against the ladies apart from ****** them.
My fellow humans,
They break all of the traffic rules.
My own friends,
They have been so imperfect.
My friends are my world,
And I am not proud of this world.

I am an idealist who never had them,
The mythical permanent friends.

The human society is full of bigotry,
I read about female exploitation.
This awful male-dominated society,
I am amused on its insecurities.
That unlucky unborn female foetus,
I mourn its ****** before its birth.
My HP Poem #1637
©Atul Kaushal

I now understand
How powerful these emotions truly are
Unstoppable wars break out
They take over what we do

I ran
I ran
So fast!
Just to keep up with that rage
Until my face turned red
I dominated everyone in my way
I didn't even look back

Now I’m telling you words
We’ve all heard before
The only thing
We should fear
Is fear itself

— The End —