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Cné Mar 2017
i am your pet, cherished, you bet
from the very first moment, we met

you are my master, tried and true
my job in life is to always, please you

i wander aimlessly alone
when you're gone, so long, on your own

forgive me, if i chew your shoe
i was nervous and i missed you

if i snack some food from the trash
it smelled so good, how could i pass

bark, bark, bark, i cry out alarm
the mailman has come here to harm

when you get home, i'm so happy
wagging my tail with my whole body

when we go for a walk together
if a cat threatens, away i chase her

don't be upset with me, please sir
i promise to protect you from all danger

i greet other dogs, on our way
smelling their butts to just say, hey

i lift my leg marking my place
to find my way back, just in case

i'm not too crazy about the rain
but i'll keep you company and not complain

laying belly up is a sign
scratch me, rub me and i'll be fine

if I lick my area, because i can
please don't be jealous of me, man

sleeping here, my chin on your foot
obediently, my faith in you, i put

though my purpose, i may reach in a flash
compared to your life, my longevity won't last

my loyalty to you, will never sever
unconditionally, i love you, forever
Another artist's statement for a series
of pet portraits I've painted
Enslaved in the beauty of this Creature,
Your ever welcoming sight of innocency,
With your stainless hairs of flawless,
Like a sparkling Star that lit the darken soul.
As I explore your fur,
Your expression of joy,
Suppresses my crave for companion.

Before you came
In my bored lonely path,
I craved for a companion,
A beast in my kind
Turned me to a waste
A feeling of self pity

Disappointment and betrayal
Became a routine in which
I bathe my flesh
In a scorching hot of regret
Of a frustrating experience

Oh my lovely pet,
You gave a soul of love
To be his priceless harvey
A memory of Hope

Now I write

Dear Harvey my baby pet, I love you to the moon because of the gap you have filled although I know someday someone will fight the position with you but I promised you will always be my baby and sweet dog.

Yours precious
©Kally Okoye
Love from you to me

— The End —