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Peter Balkus Sep 2018
in my head,
my thoughts, my mind -
blown away.

Every day
battering my brain,
it made me

It made me
go insane,
it made me
lose myself.

in my head,
still brewing,
preparing to stay.

I don't cry anymore,
I don't pray,
for nothing can stop
a hurricane.

I'm patient,
I will wait,
I know one day
it will go away.

I'm waiting
for a quiet day,
I have nothing to lose,
but fear and pain.

It will be over
one day,
one day again
I'll be a happy man.
Every word we say leaves an imprint on the soul.
The things we say can make a person feel whole.
It can make them despair and make them feel upset.
It can make them feel emotions they haven't felt yet.
Words can make someone fall in love, it can make their heart beat faster.
It can take their breath away, it can cause a disaster.
It can leave you wondering what they meant.
Or maybe leave you happily content.
It can help or hurt someone please be careful what you say.
Check your mind before you speak, check it all the way.

— The End —