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Ellis Holden Apr 3
In split second view I'm gone
I spew blackened mess of truth
And they had me towel
The limit of love's interaction
By it is their floor I stain
And perhaps they're right
Perhaps my hiding the other half
Was me hiding a whole
Because I don't think I've seen the person that died for a long time
And In their eyes and mine I'm
Gary Brocks Aug 2018
My work day woke to Monk,
the click of typing keys,
clock watched, Spotify playing,
random thoughts rose like bees
to freeze in these jagged lines,
then swarm in threatening flight.

Hours of data entry later,
on a stool, in a bar, a clock's
hands tock, I flick a wrist,
and slur my words concluding  
an anguished monologue,
“They call it work, you know.”

Awash at home, in the strobe of
pixelated panel light,
visions surge and dissipate
with the pulse of the night. Osip,
were you tempered to embrace
attention’s fugitive caress?

You etched memory’s texture
with candle soot for ink,
and the gulag’s blackened gaze -
I type lines by hunt and peck
humming Monk’s WELL YOU NEEDN’T,
hoping for an adequate phrase.

Copyright © 2004 Gary Brocks

Osip Mandelstam was a Russian poet and essayist. He a leading member of the Acmeist school of poets. He was arrested by Joseph Stalin's government in 1934, and sent into internal exile.  After a reprieve, he was rearrested and sent to a camp in Siberia in 1938, where he died that year.
— From Wikipedia: "Acmeist poetry"
The Acmeists strove for compactness of form and clarity of expression; they preferred "direct expression through images", in contrast to the Russian symbolist poets who strove for "intimations through symbols"
Osip Mandelstam defined the movement as "a yearning for world culture", and as a "neo-classical form of modernism", which essentialized "poetic craft and cultural continuity".
Each major acmeist poet, interpreted acmeism in a different stylistic light, for example from intimate poems on topics of love and relationships to narrative verse.
— From Wikipedia: "Osip Mandelstam"
Pyrrha Jul 2018
On days like these it seems like writing keeps the punishing thoughts away
All of the dark and depressing fears are kept at bay
So long as though my fingertips they go on display

Yes, I am terrified of death
Because I know it is inevitable
There is no life after death
When I think about it I feel a sharp pang of nothing
There is no envisionment of an afterlife
Of a paradise
Because there is none, not for me

Even if I believe in reincarnation
It doesn't stop the fear
Because all of my memories in this life
Will disappear
And if I stop writing now
These thoughts will invade and my conscience will cave

My passions are overwhelmed by my fears
Luckily they are just scattered days on my calendar
If I can make it through this one
I will make it through the next
I've been teaching myself korean for the past five months and Im already fluent enough to hold decent conversations. I want to be a translator or english teacher, anything to get me off this continent. I found languages are easy for me to learn, quicker than others, so it's become my passion.
jai Mar 2018
the two of them
attached at the hip;
how strange to be
such opposites,
yet forced to live in the
same prison.

one was an insomniac, while the other slept 16 hours a day.

one was confident and able, nothing could bring her down.
the other faulted inside herself, with arms stretched above her, begging for a way up.

one was flowing thoughts and new ideas, with an unconscionable amount of energy.
the other thought obsessively, always in the negative, lacking the ability to even speak most days.

one was a stomach full of butterflies, terrified at the thought of dying.
the other spent her days, chest aching and empty, begging for each one to be her last.

so tell me, how do astronomical
and insufferable
coincide accordantly?

they simply don’t

with each constantly afflicting the other,
the small prison in which they inhabit
is collapsing
falling into itself
soon to dissipate
until nevermore
Internal observations. What day to day life is like for myself and I.
taia Apr 2016
don't worry for me
i will be fine, as always
problems dissipate
sweet ridicule Apr 2015
I have no filter
raw naked bare authentic exposed heart emotions
constantly pouring into the open
humans are desperate for fidelity
and I know nothing but that

let's play a game
I'll hold up your pride
keep the walls
and stand alone to watch
you do your dance
and dissipate
from mainstream
even more than you already have

I know what I want
let's play a game
let's go
Nasir Jan Jun 2014
Let me dissipate
if I can't have you
If i can't hold you
When my world crumbles
Just watch me disintegrate
Just let me go
Watch me disappear
To knew, from know

I'm fine in the fire
The flames burn slow
Spread my ashes
Watch me go

My dissipation
An act of exasperation
Tugging on my heart strings
You meant everything

But I'm fine in the fire
the flames burn slow
spread my ashes
And watch me go

Some things better left unsaid
Softly spoken only by the dead
I'll take these words to my grave
You never cared anyway

I'm fine in the fire
The flames burn slow
So spread my ashes
Let me go

— The End —