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Mahdi Dn May 2020
We watch the world tell
Us how to live everyday.
We suppose we don't question, but we still question
As we live our lives
Through the lies
That we tell
Ourselves everyday.
Every day is, just another lie
That furthers us from ourselves
And what we would dream of.
We bite a lie right off another
We hide and then we cry
For our own self-made self
The one we refuse to stop.
We feel the need for the change,
But regardless we wont ever change.
We only change,
Our faces,
Our colours,
Our clothes and dresses
Just to look new, under a fresh-looking lie.
Maybe this is all a lie,
Which is hardly untrue.
And that the truth is,
You will never lie, when you lie.
Because you are made of lies.  
As a matter of fact,
We are made of lies.
We all lie, and we are the law.
Lyrics to a song by the band Thy Dispraise, a groove metal band.
Written by Mahdi Monstrosity Dn.

— The End —