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mslu Mar 2018
The first time

was when I was walking down the street
filtering through my thoughts, like I do
minding my own business, like I do
when your scent found my nose
street sewages & the dancing of the
it jolted me, disturbed my personal missions
after which I turned around
in hopes that I would find you around me
so I could confront you face-to-face
instead, I was left to tilt my nose up at a degree lesser than my dignity
as I tried to follow the trail of your scent back to where it came from
only to get lost  .
...he's still out there
Karen Hamilton Jan 2016
Donald Trump what a Chump
The name makes my blood Boil
His views remind me of
Those poor Jews when ******
Caused such Immortal coil

Trump claims to be against
Extremism yet it
Leaks through his core all the
Way to his Brittle bones
Brainwashing vulnerable;
Led to his Blood stained Throne

No blood shed yet; He speaks
Hell don't be so naive
Trump contemplated by
So many minds in this
Day and age shouldn't be

Building walls make them tall
Then what Is this the way?
Segregation, Racism
Shuts his eyes, Cover's ears
He'll not hear what we say

It's Devastating such
Man claims chance to taint our
Minds with his Bitter taste
A Catastrophe,
Shows no Diplomacy
With 'Morals' formed into
Very Strange Scary shapes

Yes, I agree Something
Needs to change but Believe
Me 'Trump' is not that Thing
Sheds empty promises
Causing controversy
With 'Peace' as the end goal
Trumps No way to begin

His Immaturity
Is so apparent that
He will ruin the world
As we know it today
I think Trump needs some help
Some Mental help to drive
All those Devils living
Within him Far away!

© Karen L Hamilton, January 2016
How can anyone back someone with such a bad track record. Look at the facts, Trump is not a good businessman let alone president! He may be rich but money doesn't always come to honest, genuine people in honest genuine ways.
Moonlight Nov 2014
I see my darkest demons that line the hall
I am closed around it and I did not fall
I should be corrupt and tainted
Yet I am purely Painted
I laugh at evil as it tries to consume my thoughts
I have always fought
I know not a moments rest
Until I take my final test
I have little peace in my mind
My sanity needs to find
The rest of me is strong and fair
But all enemies shall come in pairs
Help myself to stay strong
No one will help, they're all wrong
Let me stand strong
And help people for long!
"The purest one is thy who has faced evil and turned away pure."

— The End —