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Logan Apr 2018
Tonight I will weep
For before i fall asleep
Thoughts of you endure

My mind was tampered
with, on a false promise of
a love that was sure

Your abrasive words
were a suckerpunch beneath
your veil of allure

You leave us a coarse
effigy of men, who shall
dismantle the pure.
My try at a haiku while keeping to the theme of mistreated women. Every word and action weighs on other people. The heavier they are the more damage is done mentally and physically.
Josh Overson Jan 2018
Not just why but how...
How the **** do things always dismantle my mind.
What made him blind?
You’re too ******* kind
He deserves no rewind

Darling why...
Darling how...

Do you still love him?

Just because he can’t live without you doesn’t mean you torture yourself...

Don’t live in a nightmare.
My sweet girl.
My darling.
My beautiful everything.

At a loss... I am Him

— The End —