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Johnny walker Jun 10
Since my darling left me here all alone for It's  seems to me that I'm just hanging around till such
a time hopefully Heaven will comes knocking for
I can't really say In all honesty I will miss very much of my now lonely life when Helen passed sadly
away for the life I live now Is no longer a life or world
I recognised
This Is no longer the world I new with Helen so If Heaven should come knocking for me I won't be to disappointed
By. alexa kae navarro

Nakikita mo ba?
Nakikita mo ba
Sa mga mata ko,
Ang hinanaing ng damdamin ko?

Nararamdaman mo ba?
Nararamdaman mo ba
Sa bawat ngiting pinapakita ko,
May tinatagong sakit ang puso ko?

Masaya ako sa paningin mo,
Ngunit kilala mo na ba ang totoong ako?
Masaya lamang akong lumalaban.
Pagkat alam kong ito'y aking laban.

Ngunit dumarating parin sa punto
Na sa gabing madilim at tahimik
Nais kong sumigaw, umiyak,
At ilabas lahat ng aking saloobin.

Pagkat sa pagsapit muli ng umaga
Muli nanaman akong magpapanggap,
Magpapanggap na masaya't
Ayos lang ang lahat.

Hanggang kailan nga ba?
Hanggang kailan paulit-ulit na ganito?
May hangganan nga ba ito?
Makakalaya ba ako dito?

Nais ko sa pagdating ng panahon
Muli akong makabangon,
At magpapatuloy sa paglalakbay.
Haharapin muli ang hamon ng buhay.
that is my feeling right now, I want to express my feeling through my poems..
MonkeyZazu Jun 2015
Why do you make it so hard
to like you.
Judging everything I do
judging just to judge
grudging against everything
I've come to know and love.
Why do you try so hard
to outwit and misfit me,
trying to create conflict
where I only feel glee.
This, what you've labelled, "condescending tone"
is me just wanting you to leave me the **** alone.
I grow tired of your *******,
honestly don't know how much longer
I can continue to endure it.
Your words nothing but bashful, always quick to berate,
you constantly threaten and try to intimidate.
Then wonder why I'm filled with so much hate
towards you,
acting like it came out of the clear blue.

Sometimes I would like to step into your fairytale
and try to cause as much hell
as you believe me to be doing.
Fortunately though,
I have nothing like that brewing.
If you'd let me, I'd show you my world,
hopefully breaking you out of that ignorant spell.
You know - seeing is believing.
Maybe then you'd be able to tell
just how stupid you were being.

When did we stop being a family?
Really, it's kind of a sad tragedy
that my love for you
only exist
in memories.

— The End —