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Shlomo Feb 2019
Are you serious? You can’t make this up.

Like seriously. You can’t make this stuff up!

You are not even trying anymore!

So that’s the guy you have chosen for sure?

Audacious. Your pure arrogance endures!

A tyrannosaurus. You’re kidding me.

Surely you could be more subtle than that.

That guy? Couldn’t find a ******* diplomat?

Politician? Lying through his teeth for nothing?

Jeez Louise lemon squeeze. Right into my eyes.

Starting to feel the pain from all your lies.

No longer Mr. Freedom and bla blaaa.

More like Mr. *******. And la la la.

La la la la la la la! Can’t hear you!

I’ll never trust anything you say or do.

*** I know you’re only looking out for you.
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Charlie Dog Apr 2018
You want to keep both sides happy
......I can relate to that
But you can't say that you care for me
And then go and pretend I don't exist.
JGuberman Sep 2016
for RFG

You told me of your love for London
and I, of mine for Jerusalem.
And we speak of our second homes
and our first loves,
and how those memories
should be left for the archaeologists,
and how we must for the time being
carefully avoid the subject
each of the other
like diplomats
in London or Jerusalem
busily seeking
positive signs,
in one and the other
or those things
we love elsewhere
and wish we could have
here at home.

— The End —