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Keiri Dec 2019
A wolf's howl deep in the night
The moon shining peaceful bright
The trees embracing the subtle light
The cubs crawling with all their might

A wolf running trough the vast mountain
Running along with its kin
A human tripping over her chin
By the name of Din

She's frail and small with red eyes
The wolf glares at her common lies
With her came the darkness demise
Red were all the skies

She summoned an eternal dark
The cubs all started to bark
Momma wolf growled and marked
With her body she made an ark

The girl laughed hysterically here
The forest was filled with eyeing leer
The cubs were shaking with fear
Momma wolf kept her close to her dear

But the storm passed by a loyal knight
Before known they saw a calming light
Farore's howl soothed the fright
The girl fleed the haunted night

The woman kneeled for the wolf she saw
And a triangle glowed on her right paw
She is now the mother of three
But the fourth is chosen to set them free.

The one chosen by Farore to save the day
Her fourth son will keep the monsters at bay
Followed by a glowing star shouting ''Hey''
They will bring peace and keep it to stay
A fan poem...
When you know what I'm talking about: You had a great childhood ;)
Also..... forgive me for including Navi, but I had to XD

— The End —