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I have a hard time with differentiation
Between getting coffee
  And let's demolish 3 bottles of wine!
Between getting inspired
  And let's spend holidays seeing the country in a van!
Between getting butterflies
  And let's kiss on the face right now!

There must be spectrums I can bisect
   Platonic Love from Romantic
   Sensory from Sensual
   And Casual from Committed
But they are not immediately apparent to me.

Regardless of type
All ships must be properly cared for,
So I will patch the holes
Man the sails,
And try not to rock the boats
Too terribly hard.
10/25 Inktober prompt: Ship
Ronney Apr 2016
Not up to the standard

That normal demanded

I was a random

An outsider abandoned

But as we grew older

Choices Became more bolder

normal became variety

Building up our society
~ the common perception people have come to believe  is that normal Is being the same as everyone else, that not right that would be conformity.

~Normal has always been people's individuality

So here's a lesson

~ own it, your individuality I mean because that makes you normal you'd be the normal you and that's what we want from you :)

— The End —