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Guden Jul 2019
I taught a woman
How to speak
About love.
She taught me
How to feel it,
In my bones,
Under my skin.
A priestess of the moon
Was sent to me,
From a lonely planet.
She made me thankful
And hopeful,
A fool.
When my armor and mask
Made me go
On autopilot
She would hold my hand
She would hold my soul,
Naked as well.
We would cry,
We would talk,
We could spend Saturday in bed
She gave me a present,
In the present.
My present is her.
Simple present.
I have known her my whole life.
I guess that’s present perfect.
Guden Jun 2019
I talk to reality
It takes some time for it to answer
Or it becomes
A repetitive
Constructed just for me.
I thought they were people
I saw only pixels fragmented,
And the bark of a dog
Telling me either no;
Bitter to know
Sad to be drawn
Programed and alone.
Swimming in a sea breeze of pixels
I’m being pulled by my beard
Towards the floor
Towards her.
And her.  
And him.
Another one.
Reality laughs
So a horn makes a sound,
It’s a noisy noiSe;
Gods of reality
And a red pepper growing in the middle of a coffee table.
Telling me I’m about to be erased.
If I can’t find a solution
To pollution.
And I can’t.
So I’ll rest
I’ll wake up
From this dream,
One that I shared with lady Di.

— The End —