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exist Oct 2018
being different
may mean you’re not normal
at least to society
but it also means
you’re brave enough
to break the mold
and to me that’s more rewarding
than fitting in
break the mold 2k18
Lillian May Jun 2018
I would be led to dwell too heavily on
elements of wisdom or anxiety in         a
                                            well aware of the
world's enormous fund off misery, yet even so it
looked as though the status quo

is                                to
              rid                         all the hard to

but we have a long way to travel before we approach that.
hard hitting facts about a messed up world
Zero Nine Feb 2018
I feel the strands push through my scalp for blue skies
Grow up, grow tall, then steeple palm to palm
Praise the sun! but where's the sun?

Legend says it's there to reach for men with means
If love, if happiness, then just take a grip
Praise the sun! but where's the sun?

Preach goodliness like you've the throat, the road to heaven
Preach to us like you'll sell deviants the verse

Raise the men! but what's a man?
Praise the sun! that never burned.

I'm over. I'm over.
Been over all along.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Keenly sharpened lashes black the soul
Shroud the awful secrets of portals
Two brown pretending eyes pulling in
The sun, moon, light, every remaining hint

Yet prey's feet split the difference over floor
Soles stick to stone, *** warms, heart exposed
And the blood kept sacredly entombed
As prey migrates wildly out of vein
Til the gun dogs swap kisses
In familiar red

Keenly sharpened garb draws the edges
Grants malevolence a silhouette
Encroaching ****** deviance
Dances her hips so sweetly you forget
I never was, but when it counted.
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