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IPM Sep 2018
~ I met a little flower
somewhere around the road
and it was shy, but bold
its petals, small and cold

I held it somewhere warm
hid it inside my chest
and slowly it was blooming
without a day of rest ~

~ One day, the little flower
burst out with sudden grace
the beauty it had shown me
would stay by my place

In life it seems as if whenever
you take a small detour
you end up being greeted
with the things you truly adore ~
~ I think that Yoshiro Togashi summed it up pretty much ~
Glenn Currier Aug 2018
I am amazed
        but I know not why (knowing me)
how hurt closes me off
sews me up
amputates my heart
from people I’ve loved.

It seems I cannot get by
the rage she vomited on me
what she called me
her shocking condemnations.

Rage cuts deep
wounds heal slow
if at all.

Then I find out how she felt hurt and betrayed
when I changed and detoured
        because someone betrayed me.

But I am glad for those detours
where I discovered other worlds
and became more than I was.

I am amazed
       but I know not why (knowing me)
how hurt can remake
and occasion my transformation,
how the bad can become the good
        If I am patient enough
        and work hard enough
        to find
        or make
        cracks in that wall.

— The End —