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Zhavaed Haemaed Nov 2020
My piano keys were meant to
click notes of an ethereal realm

Now, alas ..
They just tip tap on the laptop keyboard
at the whims of a nonsensical existence ..

Sigh !
Anyone having to work hours on the laptop would relate.
G Rog Rogers Sep 2017
Guns go off
Helicopter flies
Sirens scream
Another one dies

Glancing glint
of the coldest steel
Final look
of a dieing eye
Sirens scream
Helicopter flies

High speed
Hot pursuit
Sirens scream
Helicopter flies
Chasing down
another freak

Screeching tires
Tangled metal
Sirens scream
Helicopter flies
No way to get
them out alive

Human tragedy

The gun
The blade
The despicable
The slain

Sirens scream
We barely take notice
Helicopter flies
Just more noise.



CommonStory Jan 2015
In this place full of preferences

I be the despicable one

To who wants someone like me

I can't find

I don't know many who would date

This kind of black guy

Or so the excuses go on

But I myself shun the gavel

For I repel the attraction of the darker brown

It's frowned upon

But past experiences give me a shivering nostalgia

So be in and out the gruesome


It's actually nasty

I lost hope in people

When I found out I was ugly

Because I have gap teeth

And god don't like ugly

Words I didn't understand

Sent me in a negative spiral

to place where i hated people's faces

And every other man

In many places

Of many spaces

To the old proverb

Don't judge a book by its cover

But I see so many random faces

To read the proverbial book

What my eyes seek some say

Condescending it may

Be seen right betwixt

A rock and a hard place

Still running in place

To make haste and waste the meaning of what it is to taste

Now I see we live in side the belly of a beast

And the roughest of diamonds deposit gold into the tree where only the tall can reach,but tell the short not to touch

And two birds in the bush is worth viewing than the one you can touch

Through the plot and good intentions scheming  

Am I a decent human being
©  copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 2015

— The End —