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Rose K Dec 2018
No more temporary highs,
to hide away the hurt.
No more lies,
No more “good-byes”.
No more temporary fills,
to fill the voids,
or making homes of
what we should avoid.
Allan Mzyece Sep 2018
Why do we begin to abuse illegal drugs
when all that we need is a big odd tight hug? :/
Wanderer Feb 2016
I'm in love with words
because they are always there for me
when people fail me
                     I can write
when I get stressed
                     I can write
when I don't know how else to express my emotions
                    I can write

I put my heart into my words
everyone of them a tiny piece
of my mind, of my heart

I put my trust into words
words never leave me
words were never rude to me

But those were my words
Your words are different

When I put my trust in them
they failed me
When I let them in my mind and heart
they tore them apart
your words were mean
they were manipulative
they shattered me

I can no longer trust words
the way I used to
Marium Iqbal Dec 2014
The change is clear.
It’s in my writing.
It’s in my words.

I have fought a battle.
One with a persistent battle.
One with darkness in its nature.

I made it.  
I made it out somewhat alive.
I made it out somewhat happy.

A suicidal mess.
With love.

It’s the impossible.
For the darkened one’s to possess love.

I now see the sun rise.
I see it bring life to the dying.
I see it lift spirits after a rainstorm.

Love, has glued me back.
I hope it’s not temporary.
I hope this one lasts.

— The End —