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Dark Smile Nov 2019
i pull my eyeball out of my socket
or perhaps,
i remove my socket from my eyeball
the moon is howling
the wind is shining
i grin a grin of blood and ... joy?
eyeball in hand,
or was it the socket?
maybe it's the hand in my eyeball
either way
i take a step towards the water
i feel it lapping at my ankles
i lie down face first
the water breathes me in and
we float
in that uterine comfort we once knew
when I open my eye/socket/hand
i see that i am in a tank
the light refracts across the water
i worm my way to the base of the tank and i
my body is too heavy
i reach between my legs
pull out my guts
they slither away into the dark abyss
i close my eye/socket/hand
i sleep
i've been dissociating a lot lately and this is my attempt at explaining what it feels like.
SofiaBelhadj May 2017
u n f o c u s e d
camera lense,
vivid memories
blasting past becoming
the past.
can't f o c u s on the moment,
it will become a
d i s t a n t
in the future.
I need to feel
I'm not sure if I'm just a daydreamer of If I actually depersonalise, where is the line that crosses between these two realms.

— The End —