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I know a lady dentist
Whose touch is not as sweet as her smile
She seems really nice
But not with those tools in her hand

It will take just a minute she says
But the pain that follows lasts for days
The whirr of the drill
Sends me down the proverbial hill

The shades of whites and blues
Puts the frenzy on cue
Not even her soothing words
Can make the pain less worse

Whenever I have to eat a candy or sweet
I stop to consider which is meet
The pains I can hardly bear
Or the lady dentist's smile so dear
I wrote this to commemorate World dentist day March 6th
Paul Butters Jan 2016
Despite assurances that his treatment would be gentle,
Thoughts of the grinding drill made him feel rather mental.
But soon his spirit returned to high
As the pretty assistant brushed against his thigh.
All was well until he got the bill
Which gave him such a horrible chill.

But soon he was back to his usual mood of cheer,
As he looked forward to
His next taste of *****’s Pub food
And beer.

NS 22\1\2016
Norman presented me with another piece of notepaper....!!!
Francie Lynch Mar 2015
I'm immobile
As my dentist blathers
On events and people
That don't matter.
I'd rather he just
Get IT done,
Leave rants and jokes
And silly puns
For one not in
His dental dungeon.
Today was his crowning glory,
When he'd finished needling me,
Before he filled my cavity,
He suggested
I see a cardiologist
To fill the hole
Found in my chest.

— The End —