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A Henslo Sep 2017
What antiquated tongue as such
Hissed Eden's serpent to get in touch?
Angelic would probably not be true
Possibly Arabic or perhaps Hebrew
But almost certainly it wasn't Dutch

What dikes would Noah's land comprise
If these polder pros had been about
And the deluge struck fields fitted out
With some deft water controlling device?
Would we have preserved our paradise?
First illustrated publication Dec. 6, 2016
Its bright and sunny

Not same
The last 3 days .
A relative , passing away
Never whom I met
A pall of gloom, yet .

Husband would be back from tour

A day before
Stuck  he was in the heavy downpour
And flooded Mumbai roads .
My heart sank,
Reminded of the deluge
Year 2005, July 26th
Stuck he was in a similar situation
Residents of Mumbai, then we were.

A Day before
He had a long day ahead
Asked  the driver to leave
Only to return by evening .

The driver with no return route
The hotel a few Kms away
Not a single Ola Uber
Around the corner
Added  to the bother.

A good 40 minutes walk
In waist high water
Followed by a bus ride
Hotel ,he managed to reach .
And hopefully ,
The Mumbaikars to their homes
Who waded along
Helping each other in the murky waters.

Not to be missed
Come Rains or Terrorists
Mumbaikars with help , do outreach.
Had been feeling low in the last few days partly due to the weather and happenings,
and did not write much.
Things are fine today and so a quick write , inspired again by my favourite
Place , and so the title , ' The Spirit Of Mumbai'.
In spite of adversities the people there are never let down.
gets trapped
under the leaves
of trees
after the rain.
It gave me
the impression
that the shadows
of those leaves
are glowing.
Up the sky,
I can see
the sun,
but it doesn't
my eyes.
The chilling wind
carried the scent
of the muddy soil
beneath my feet.
It reminded me
of all the devastation
brought upon
by the storm.
Last night
it rained.
05 August 2015

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Nikita May 2016
One sombre evening,
as he sat by the window
past tried to trick him
into its song of nostalgia
one he always resisted
and kept at bay.

But, for once he let it,
gnaw away his soul, and
***** the deepest of his bones.
His guards in disguise
his promises, responsibilities,
ambitions and ideals
started to sway and bow,
to the winds of guilt.

A strong deluge of emotions
started to sink him in
he too, let himself drown
and dissolve away in haze.

Next up, he found himself
atop a ship of submission,
She was already there,
smiling as she looked away.

In distance,
the golden sun of hope,
Faded away at the horizon.
Stanley Wilkin Dec 2015
The bridge collapsed after the storm
tumbling into the raging river-
I watched in tears, adding to the deluge.
Elle Sang Nov 2015
I was wondering,
What if things were different?
This soul of mine is not mine
And this mind I have is not for share
Would you still recognize me then?

If I am just a pretty face to you,
I see no point to offer you my bare soul
And my raw mind.
I shall not tell you how to think
Nor to act

However if you see I am more than a face,
You have my soul
My mind
And my blood
Singing and rising within your command
Cori MacNaughton Oct 2015
A week of unremitting rain
suddenly forgiven
in morning sunshine
My thoughts and heart goes out to all affected by the flooding from Hurricane Joachim.  We've been getting the outer rain bands for days now, but this morning - finally - the sun broke through.  Rebuilding begins.
You thought it was enough
but I saw through all the hullabaloo and fluff
You can't fool me the same way you did to them
I saw every loose hem
I've been observing brightly colored canvas
and I've smelled different kinds of grass
You could say that I already knew you before you do
I could feel the same as you

Maybe this is the special connection between two people hidden in the word "promise"
but I doubt you'd feel mine once it comes because you've never observed me the same way I have...
Things you realize when it comes to friendship...
Reckless cloudbursts
rippling reverberations-
Her harmonic ensemble
hits a deafening crescendo:
taunts my senses, paralysed;
haunts my spirit, petrified.
Destructive forces of tides and winds orchestrated by nature's fury.
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