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Jason Adriel Oct 31
along these lines
these strands of hair
the blackening shadows

of their beauty explicit
and at the same time subtle

intertwined with your curves
your edges
your color
and you discoloration

along these lines
i found your true beauty
and in it lies my happiness

lie the lies that form a sense of happiness
in it for aesthetic beauty alone.
I just can’t do it,
Please don’t make me,
I don’t want to see it everywhere -
All the things I should be doing, everything I thought I’d be,
I want to lock myself up somewhere else,
Even if the light won’t get to me.

Don’t come close,
No, I told you so!
It’s dangerous here, maybe even deadly,
No matter whoever for it can’t be a good thing,
I don’t know if I think you’ll hurt me,
But please just stay away
I need to manage myself but you’re taking that away,
Not that I ever had it,
It seems I keep slipping,
Further, further, gone.

It’s okay now, it’s the end,
I’m done and
Won’t be coming back again.

You’ll see how much less misery,
You’ll have away from me.

This is over,
I’m sure I really give up this time,
This is me actually giving it up,
Saying goodbye to everything I once had hope in because I’m done.
Jason Adriel May 19
I am a narrow stairwell
Waiting for the morning bells
To ring, for the early birds to sail
Watch all the cabs be hailed

Waiting for her to come
Will she come today?
Doubts, I have some
Should I kneel and pray?

But to whom?
Who would to listen to a narrow stairwell
Maybe God would
Will I look like a fool?

My claustrophobic natures will intervene
When was the last time I had a nice dream?
It's always the same, redundant scene
The scene is always that same redundant one

I am a narrow stairwell
Waiting for the morning bells
Ashish Nand Jun 2018
You will never learn
Till you are locked
Hopeless and helpless
Cursing the fate you own

In the shackles of dejection
Lie the roses-like emotions
Yearning for a morning sunshine
To get a life once again

But wilting with the days
Inside the cold chambers
That had never before valued
The warmth it was granted

Craving and starving
For that one last chance
That came by many a times
Unable to teach a lesson right

The wait will now go on
For another ray of light
As it weathers in the shadows
Of its own past life
Samreena Lodhi Jun 2018
My stomach hurts a lot,
when i worry the most...

i meant, never to say,
but i said the worst...

i hurt you more,
when, bitter words, i say...

i do not know,
what to do or how to repair!

the broken thread,
that still is here and there.
haley Feb 2018
This heavy feeling in my chest sinks
while eyes like wells swell and stream down in streaks
I lay awakened in the darkness
as it wraps around my sudden sadness
It holds me here, constricted;
by my own self I am convicted
to this cell, a hell I call home,
the only place I have ever roamed
The ghost of my past haunts me,
a never-ending reminder of what once was and what could be
Lost: in space, in time, in thought
I am the forgotten and distraught
Kemba Mark Sep 2017
Seeking to belong
But intimidated by peers
Alone was in my world
The walls were my best friend
And in the paintings do I find solace
For I am rejected
And treated like an outlaw
Even in my mother's home
allie May 2017
My name

My story

My past


*I've vanished.
Sometimes I feel invisible.
I'm just a blank slate in a crowd of people that can shine. And in the crowd? I'm like everyone else: A deserted shell of person.
Seanathon Nov 2016
It doesn't matter how sweet I am, or how kind I feel that I have to be. All that really matters to me is you, and how based on me you will perceive,

The other men, the other shoes, the many soles slowly passing by. The kind of guys which you might keep, and even ultimately try.

But I hope you see what is truly weak, after sharing such strong arms as these. I hold you now, but not in hand. I hold you still in great esteem.

If only you would esteem yourself, you'd walk on surer, more stable feet. Not into the arms of a tragedy, but into the future which you deserve. Holding tight to a steadier hand than me.
Walk straight. Walk fast. And seek the kindness of those who won't flaunt their graciousness. Please do this for yourself.
Nirvana Mar 2016
I'll put all my effort
to bring a smile on your face
no one will ever find sadness' trace
I promise with me you need no escort!

indeed your smile is beautiful
to evade it I'm a great fool
forgive me if you can
I know I've been the reason of your pain

I'm sorry for troubling you
I promise I'll wipe your tears too
I'll put my sincere effort
just to make you laugh

my words they were harsh
they might leave the mental scar
punish me if it makes you happy
I know my behaviour have been shabby

I know I can't do much about the scar
allow me to delight you up to the par
I promise I'll never hurt you again
and will never allow you to go through any pain

for the words I've selected, I'm sorry
the action I preferred was really folly
I've proven that I'm a great fool
indeed your smile is beautiful!

I'll do all I can
for your smile to sustain;
on your lips and your face
I won't let it simply erase!

And all this while
I've been a fool
indeed your smile
is really beautiful!
P.S.- I'm sorry...
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