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SassyJ Mar 2016
These words you speak
These words you spin
Have infinite meaning
A definitive substance
Inject my mind
Flipping the norm
Unravel all the lies
They fed to us

Unlock my mind, unwind my eyes
Take me out of this boxes, boxes
Erecting all around me
Untwist my tongue, deject my terms
Pull me out of the sinking crane
Piloting all around me

Who gives the ****?
Just give me a fact
All 7 billions souls unique
This linear life is meaningless
Fictions to act
One day I am frog the next a beauty

The mystery of the dark
All shrugged in blanks
They say its locked in your head
A crazy existence
Dehumanised to decay
The police can’t even help
Inspired by Mouthpiece
Heav Jul 2014
I was looking around like a child
like a lost child
Desperately seeking a face as worn as my own
Eyes just as sunken
within their sockets
Crouched in a corner
a body just as beaten
Find me
A heart just as wild
Unlike a child
I did not seek guidance
I was never really hidden
only hiding
Hoping someone would take control
because there are things i cannot(control)
My skin crawls, I'm restless
But do not pity me.
Take me.
Pin me down.
Pierce nails into my hands and feet
Keep me from floating away
I was hoping someone would take control
of what grows inside of me

— The End —