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I Know you've hurt many times.
Please Don't turning back to the same people who make you feel worthless.

I Know you've cried, disappointed and afraid.
Focus on the goal.
Try and try to find a way to keep going.

Don't compare your actual self to a pathetic self.
Remove "what if's" in your mind.
Don't abuse your mind by thinking other characters of you.
You are you, make a better version of you.

Accept your own fate
Accept your own reality
Accept your own failure
Accepting where you are in present make it easier to avoid sadness.

It's time to learn to let go
Be human enough to be, well enough.
Be matured enough to accept the truth.
It's finally time to focus where you are now.
Only yourself can help you to make your life more better.
دema Nov 2017
I am sorry I let someone touch
the outline of your lips,

I am sorry I let someone trace the
goosebumps on your arms,

I am sorry I let someone whisper
poetry to your ears,

I am sorry I let someone
break your wings.
Christina L Jun 2016
Please don't worry about him,
he'll be fine.
He's gonna go and have fun and he'll be safe, I promise.
He's not gonna go off and see someone else,
he's not planning to cheat on you
he's not gonna let alcohol and some girl
take away what you two have.
Please don't worry
I know it's hard but you've got to accept it.
Nothing you do,
whether it's countless hours spent worrying
or nervously asking him if he still loves you,
none of it would change anything.
Just because you worry,
just because you ask,
if he is a cheater,
he's going to cheat, regardless of what you do.
So be happy.
Please be happy and please don't worry.
Smile and know that he's thinking about you every now and then,
smile and know that he's also wishing your lips were together,
that you were side by side with your hands linked.
He knows you love him
now it's just time you know that
he loves you too.
"I know you struggle sometimes but just in case I don’t tell you enough, you’re beautiful. Thank you for being so strong and transparent. The world sees you even when you feel invisible. I appreciate your heart and your stubbornness. Your willingness to love even after being discarded and forgotten is admirable. I am so proud to know that you’ve grown to acknowledge your worth."
Note to self.

— The End —