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Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
In the blink of the eyes
It ended
Without a beginning

And sometimes
We must travel
The journey

No way out
Just like a dream
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: Later that night he/she concluded while conducting a better human project, he/she died. || Pray for peace
Mister J Apr 2018
My life in shades of gray
Of black and of white
This heart just pumping blood
No adrenaline nor thrill in life
No color in this stagnant art
No purpose in this senseless wandering
Switching destinations on a whim
Seeking warmth from those without it

Eyes grow souless
With each passing day
Mind feels wistful
With each passing thought
The youthful passion
Fading into nothingness
The fiery emotions
Slowly burning out

The enthusiasm of a young man
Crushed in the grip of reality
The loveless heart
Growing tired and weary
Everything feels cold
A long and harsh winter
In a young and untested life
A struggle just to feel alive

I am tired
I am weary
A stagnant pond
Seeking a ripple in my life
A chance to feel
And to turn my life around
From the gloomy colors of grey
Black and white
To a masterpiece of thrill
Of passion
Of love
And warmth
As colorful
As a kaleidoscope
With all these emotions
Flooding out
Trinkling down
Flowing and moving
Like a flooded stream
Connecting to people
Linking to hearts
No longer stuck here
No longer alone
Together with others
Just feeling alive
Just embracing Life
Feeling a bit down lately
I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading! :D

degzvdg Apr 2015
I will go now.
I won't be far.
I will always be at your side.
I wish you the greatest grace.

I will go now.
Light the fire in your heart once more.
So when darkness approaches,
The light of your love is the guide
to this excruciating life.

I will go now.
Don't mind me.
But here is a heart that longs for you.
You are the greatest faith that I had.

I will go now.
I'll leave you be.
Be still, my love.
Your name will always be the harmony to my ears.

I love you.

— The End —