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The witches heart is made of straw,
witches' heart is no heart at all.

The witch ideal a nature's fend,
her heart desires the human end.

The vines contort limb,
Lycurgus' gape.
as a punishment for,
man's unholy ****.

"Earth was once covered in water."
* *-Xenophanes* *

We are destroying nature radically from every angle.
AavelinaJaden Apr 2014
"Face it," she said. "You're in love with a psychotic clown."
But what with a face that's not a frown?
While she sits him upon a throne and hands him a crown.
Only his deep spirits could bring her down.

Upon his face sets a wide grin
His true hearts malice lies deep within.
A love like this must be a sin
The love of the Joker and his Harley Quinn. ♥
(And don't call me puddin' )

— The End —