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ms reluctance Apr 2018
Here I sit, collecting sunsets
while you are away from me.
I dissolve my silly regrets
in steaming mugs of tea.

I’d miss you more, I think
if it weren’t for the playful sea.
The waves tease me with a wink –
I’m easily distracted, you see.

The weather has been great,
these days I’m almost happy.
So I enjoy myself while I wait
for you to come back to me.
NaPoWriMo Day 28
Poetry form: Quatrain
Ottar Apr 2015
How do you do?
I am here for you.

Simple for me to say,
I am a container of dismay

After Thursday.

What is good poetry,
what is a good poet,
(s)he is a teller of stories in verse,
s(he) makes music out of sounds,
(s)he explores tension and boundaries,
s(he) undresses your sensibilities,
(s)he has a heart tapped into broken vessels,
s(he) can cry while in the midst of a write,
(s)he writes poetry for others, almost always from the self
s(he) can write love with a thousand different metaphors,
           but chooses not so to do.
(s)he loves language, maybe more than self, has as many
      books as dust on the shelf.
s(he) is a quiet observer, with no remorse for putting into
          words what the sky says to the child, what the man
          hears from the Earth, what a woman knows about
           birth and the pains of life as well, that no man would
          survive and too the wisdom found as one walks along
          the garden path.
(s)he knows that poetry is readily available, simply by being
     vulnerable and sometimes obtuse.
Ottar Apr 2015
if one day,

I am away,

worry not.

if in two or

three days,

there are

no words,

no write,

I am all right.

if a week


two and s t r e t c h e s

the ache…

to a month

or two in


I have gone


the Rainbow Bridge,

to the Other side,

with no regrets

save not knowing

you, as one of this

Warriors conquests.
Pens or swords
blood or words
claims to shame
likeable fame
read and read
write and write
can you hear
your heart pounding
in your chest
to get out of
the lax-a-daisy
you have become,
get fierce,
in word
and deed,
sheath your
pen in some
one else's skin
and let the ink
stain behind.

— The End —